Episode I

A long time ago, in a far away galaxy, cows turned into the happiest living creatures over night on a blue planet full of wise people needing 365 days to rotate around what they first thought would have to be themselves.
Later these creatures turned even wiser and realised it really was the sun that was in the center of what isn't even the biggest theater in the universe.


Episode II

Sitting at computers for too long, the wise creatures would have fallen asleep without the coffee in this beautiful webshop. Full of fresh spirit they went back to work on their machines to finalise the next amazing digital artwork.

Roestmanufaktur Kafeerösterei

Episode III

Now that all the work was done, it was time to read or fall asleep whilst at it. The wise creatures did not have to move or even stand up to buy their books in this new webshop by ComfortPages.

Pustet Verlag

Episode IV

Just in time, we found the right beds for mankind, relax and enjoy the beauty of Salzburg at this beautiful little hotel near the mountains of Salzburg.

Der Stallerhof

Episode V

Coming soon at a galaxy in your neighbourhood.